The content refers to the GASTexpo 2018 fair. The new program is in preparation.


The fair is situated in Ljubljana, Dunajska cesta 18.

GPS coordinates:

N 46.061772
E 14.510022
N +46° 3' 42.38"
E +14° 30' 36.08"

Schedule of halls 2018:



Where can I park my car?

Each participant (exhibitions space) is assigned one parking space free of charge for the personal vehicle. Additional spaces mus be reserved, paid and ordered with the application and agreement form, or via e-mail at infor@gast.si (the service is available until the capacities are full).

For visitros the parking spaces are available along Vilharjeva cesta, Železna cesta, Linhartova, Valjhunova and Dunajska cesta in front of IPH centre, and in the Bežigrajski dvor parking garage with entrance from Kržičeva cesta (approx. 500 m from the fairgrounds). 






By plane

From the Brnik Airport take the motorway to the centre of Ljubljana, then follow the above directions. The central bus and railway stations are right in the vicinity the fairgrounds. 


By train or bus

The central railway and bus stations are located in the vicinity. The fairgrounds are a 5 minute walk away. Take the railway underpass on Dunajska ulica (Dunajska Street) and on your right hand side you will soon see the fairground buildings. 


By car

Drive into the city centre, to the crossing at Bavarski dvor. Irrespective from which direction you come from, you have to take the railway underpass on Dunajska cesta. When the road under the underpass goes up again, you can see the fairgrounds on your right hand side. If you enter Ljubljana from the north, take Dunajska cesta which will lead you directly to the back of the fairgrounds.

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