PRIMORSKI SEJEM d.o.o. Koper Čevljarska 17, 6000 Koper, Slovenija Telephone for exibitors: 05/626-02-16. 
Full legal name of the company: PRIMORSKI SEJEM, fairs, marketing, events, trade d.o.o. (Ltd.)
Short name of the company: PRIMORSKI SEJEM d.o.o. (Ltd.) Koper
Registered office: Čevljarska 17, Koper 6000 Slovenia
Activity: organization of fairs, marketing and publishing
Legal and organizational form: Limited Liability Company d.o.o. (Ltd.)
The company was entered into the Court Register at the Basic Court of Koper, entry number: 1/04258/00
Unique identification number: 5786347
VAT no.: SI 60709243
Account number: 25100-9708869159, PROBANKA d.d. Maribor
Nominal capital: 8.763,14 EUR
Fax number: 00386 5 626 11 66 
Director: Matjaž TURK
Telephone number: 00386 5 626 02 73 
Director of project: Nives BARTOLIČ
Telephone number: 00386 5 626 02 16

Marketing Service: Anja NOGRAŠEK

Telephone number: 00386 5 626 02 17

Technical Service: 

Telephone number: 00386 5 626 11 65 Barbara HOČEVAR

We are the organizer of the International Trade and Enterprise Fair (Primorski sejem) and registered owner of the trademark PRIMORSKI SEJEM. For additional information visit  
We are the publisher of the weekly newspaper Primorski oglasnik, which is being published for the 14th consecutive year and is issued every Friday. The content of the newspaper is mainly represented by personal advertisements and announcements by our readers, with emphasis on the offer of real-estate in the Primorska region, since more that 20 real-estate agencies regularly publish their ads in the newspaper. For more information visit:  
Together with the publishers of the magazines BUTIGA in Rijeka and IL MERCATINO in Trieste, our partners in Croatia and in Italy, we form an important alliance in the field of marketing and media coverage.



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