Championship »GASTexpo BEER OF THE YEAR« & BREWING workshops & BEER TASTING

Presentations of new beer culture trends through championships, workshops and tastings.


The GASTexpo fairs of tastes want to increase the level of recognition of the beer culture. For this, in collaboration with the magazine 5 ZVEZDIC, our media sponsor, and the company Pivopis d.o.o. this year we welcome the novelty of GASTexpo 2018 - BEER.

The highlight of the next fair will be, in fact, the professional championship »GASTexpo BEER OF THE YEAR« (Saturday, 3 February), in which the beer producers will compete to win the title of BEER OF THE YEAR. Rich prizes are expected for the first three winners.

HERE you can access the registration form. HERE is published the regulation of the championship.

At the fair there will be national and foreign breweries, which will present the latest trends in beer culture through BREWIGN WORKSHOPS and GUIDED TASTINGS (Wednesday 31 January and Saturday 3 February), enriching the experience with useful suggestions on homemade brewing methods.

The BREWING WORKSHOPS (Wednesday 31 January and Saturday 3 February) are suitable for those who want to learn firsthand how to make their own homemade beer with a method that requires minimal equipment.

To the GUIDED TASTINGS (Wednesday 31 January and Saturday 3 February) are welcome all beer lovers and those interested in the history of beer, the basic production processes, the latest guidelines and much more!

HERE you can access the registration form for the workshops and tastings.

The entire program of the courses and championships is available HERE.

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