Highly successful first championship for GASTexpo beer of the year!

This year, for the first time, we paired with the company Pivopis.si and organized the first competition GASTexpo beer of the year 2018, to which 23 beers (14 different types of beer) from 12 breweries applied.

The evaluation took place according to the world-renowned BJCP method which includes the appearance, aroma, taste, texture and general impression. The first two places were was won by higher alcoholic beers, the first-ranked being an acid beer (spontaneous fermentation), and the third place was won by a less alcoholic beer. The results indicate the trend of craft beers - acid beers and beers with a higher alcohol level. 


The results:

the 3th place was won by the beer EDITA from the KAKI KRAFT brewery

the 2nd place was won by the beer BELGIAN QUADRUPEL from the Loo-blah-nah brewery

the title GASTexpo beer of the year 2018 was won by the beer BATCH 0 RED from the Barut Brewing and Blending brewery


Congratulations to all the winners! 



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